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A Powerful Symbol for the Lightworker

What is a Lightworker?

Some among us believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The decision to incarnate at this time in this place was deliberate. We are spiritual warriors.

The purpose? To live upon the earth and behave in ways that help raise the vibration of the planet and the consciousness of mankind; helping to expand light, inspire others and spread goodness to humanity. A common mantra of the community - May all beings live happy and free.

As of today, there are 1,409 self identified Lightworkers world wide on LinkedIn. When we think about the research of scientist Rupert Sheldrake, this number is very significant. I'll explain why in a subsequent post but in the meantime you can do the research and connect the dots yourself if you are so inclined.

For several years now I have been searching for a symbol to unite us. The moment I saw this beautiful piece I knew this was it. First of all, the base material is Selenite, known to be a metaphysical powerhouse that helps us attract the guidance of our angels. This piece is further amplified by a genuine gemstone to represent each of the 7 chakras. The tag line wrote itself:

May her angels always be with her, and her Chakras always stay balanced!

I love this piece and so I added it to our online store. To purchase one for yourself or as a gift, click here.

------ GEMSTONES ------ Selenite= Protection, healing and cleansing, offers inner peace and a sense of calm, attracts our angels. Amethyst= Spiritual wisdom, meditation, balance and patience. Activates the psychic and spiritual realms. Lapis Lazuli= High intensity gem that opens the Chakra centers. Offers protection and personal power. Sodalite= Promotes peace and harmony and deep understanding of emotional issues. Green Aventurine= Vitality, growth and confidence. Attracts good luck and prosperity. Citrine= Symbolizes prosperity, creativity and mental clarity. Stimulates optimism and decisiveness. Carnelian= Supports strength, vitality and sexuality. Aids in overcoming hesitation and enabling courage. Fire Agate= Vitality, sexuality, creativity. Intensifies emotions and revitalizes spiritual and physical energy.

* Please note each necklace is handmade and a little different, making each one unique ** All our gemstones are sunlight cleansed and charged by Reiki Master Sharon Shaffery


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