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Thermography Now Offered

Body Alchemy is excited to announce we are now offering Thermography in Bradley Beach! Thermography is a non-invasive, radiation-free and contactless alternative to health assessments.


Thermography is like having a peek inside your body using infrared images called thermograms. With its ability to capture skin surface temperatures, thermography offers crucial insights analyzed by trained thermologists. Its applications include detecting conditions like breast cancer for early radiation-free detection, assessing thyroid health, monitoring cerebrovascular health by observing blood flow patterns, and identifying neuro-muscular pathology to detect nerve-related issues. It’s an FDA-cleared adjunctive screening method covering areas like breast health, skin cancer, and beyond.


Thermography is no radiation, no contact, no compression. Just a safe and comfortable screening tool for your health.


Appointments can be booked directly online at or by calling 732.347.6363.





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