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Achieving Your New Year Goals

Research shows that most people only keep their New Year Resolutions for three weeks! Are you tired of making resolutions each year only to fall short of achievement?

Do you feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel when it comes to achieving your goals? Is your negative mind-chatter controlling your life?

Imagine what your life would look like if you achieved your goals! Start off the New Year with the right and register for change today!

Join the Positivity Skills Group on Zoom and be a part of the six week, one-hour group interactive and supportive sessions.

2022 Positivity Plan to Include:

· Goal Setting, Achievement and Accountability

· Habit Changing

· Relationships and Forgiveness

· Mind Chatter and Inner Critic

· Nutrition, Healthy Choices, Exercise, and Meditation

Each week we will focus on positive ways to improve your health and happiness!

Contact Gemma Natasi, NBCC-HWC, ACC, CHNC, CAPP for more details and to register. 732.245.2556,


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