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Become a Certified Hypnotist with Dr. Jean

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Join Dr. Jean for this virtual-11-week, 220 hour certification course “New Road to Revenue and Fulfillment: Certification in Helping others to Harmony and Balance” begins on March 19th, from 9am to 5pm and March 20th. 11am to 5pm, and ends on May 29th. Practice and charge immediately upon successful completion.

Certification is in the International Association of Counselors and Therapist (IACT) and strictly follows their requirements. With his academic credentials teaching at all levels of university life, he brings a concise and clear picture of hypnotic induction and client guidance. A major part of hypnosis is not the process of induction, but the release of binding, unhealthful behaviors. During this course, Dr. Jean will provide the most up-to-date hypnotic experience. His teaching style is bolstered by articles in the medical literature that confirm positive hypnotic outcomes.

Once certified you can immediately guide your clients with confidence and with the certainty that only an excellent education provides. You will be surprised how easy it is to use specific mind, body, and spiritual insights to release unhealthy issues replacing them with healthy ones. As you expand your outreach, you will lead your clients to restore the beauty of a healthful lifestyle.

For an example of our unique approach opt-in to our FREE video on dismissing anxiety in 15 - 45 seconds by visiting This technique is a combination of three mind hacks that instantly reduce anxiety, worries, stress, concerns and tensions. Register today for this limited time offer by calling the office at 484.574.1144 or by emailing Post-pandemic, we will be again located at 800 West Main Street, Suite #201, Freehold, NJ.

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