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Body Alchemy

"Body Alchemy is excited to announce we now offer Infrared Sauna sessions featuring Red Light Therapy - a transformative addition to enhance your wellness goals.  Our full spectrum Sunlighten mPulse sauna produces near, mid and far infrared waves to gently warm your body from within.  Our infrared sauna is also equipped with medical grade chromotherapy, which restores balance by means of applying color to the body. You can tailor each session to fit your current needs, our sauna offers clinically-backed health programs to choose from or you can customize all three infrared wavelengths to maximize health benefits as your needs change and evolve.Our clients love to add a sauna session following their Colon Hydrotherapy or Assisted Lymphatic Therapy treatments to help further their detoxification, or before a massage to help warm their muscles.

Some benefits of sauna use include: detoxification, muscle recovery, immune system boost, reduced pain and inflammation, improved sleep, anti-aging, mood boosting, cardiovascular health, weight loss and of course general relaxation.

We look forward to sharing the warmth and benefits of our new Infrared Sauna with you! Book your next appointment at


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