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Breathing Through Change

Yoga and change are inseparable companions on life's journey. Through the practice of yoga, we learn to embrace change with grace, courage, and mindfulness. Breathing is a constant in our lives, just like change. In yoga, we learn to control our breath and use breathing or Pranayama practices to find calmness in challenging poses, and to use the breath to steady the mind. Similarly, in life, we can use our breath as an anchor during times of change, helping us stay grounded and focused.

We can discover that change is not to be feared but celebrated as a natural part of our existence. By cultivating a yogic mindset, we can navigate life's transformations with greater ease and find profound beauty in the ever-changing nature of our lives. As we roll up our yoga mats, we carry the wisdom of change with us, both on and off the mat, and we learn to dance with life's constant rhythm of transformation. We invite you to join us on the mat integrating mind, body, and breath.

The Holding Space is located at 304 Main Street, Avon-by-the Sea. Contact Karen at for more information or visit for a schedule of events. Follow us on Instagram @holdingspace_collective. Find your anchor.


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