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Coba Yoga

When Covid hit and businesses were forced to close, people turned to online yoga classes. Live streaming a yoga class can be practical, but with so many distractions at home such as phone calls, children, pets etc., it’s impossible to really find the deep relaxation that a yoga class at a studio can offer. Another thing lacking is human connection and community. When you breathe in and out together in a room we become one heart one mind. We also build community which helps our mental health and sense of belonging.

“It has been difficult for small business” says Lili Avery owner if Coba Yoga in Little Silver. “It is hard for people to get back on their pre-Covid routine; the hardest thing is to get to a class; but once here; they feel at home”. She added; “I feel like I’m doing the right thing when I see people coming in with stress or pain and leaving happy with a smile”.

Coba Yoga offers yoga classes for all levels. See the schedule


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