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Dimensions of Seeing

Are you ready to kick-start your spiritual expansion? Would you like to witness the amazing “world behind the world”. Amazing experiences come from tapping into your clairvoyance, your gift of “clear sight.” Regardless of how “sensitive” you think you are, everyone has the ability to “see” in their spiritual journey!

One of the best ways to develop your own clairvoyance is to practice being fully present. Spend time each day visually noticing change. What is different on that drive to work or this trip into town? Focus on your observation skills, like taking note of whether or not a building has any windows open or counting the number of people walking down the street wearing glasses. The more effectively you can create a snapshot of what you see, the better you will be able to notice those subtle differences that indicate a higher frequency of energy around you. Another exercise is to practice watching the auras around living things. Take a look at the stems and leaves of plants around your house and allow your eyes to lose focus to tune into the shimmering energy field just off of the stem. With some practice, you will be able to shift your eyes into this “spectrum” of a more subtle energy. Sometimes these energy levels appear like the distortion in the air above a hot asphalt road, where the air shows the difference in temperature. Don’t forget that your other senses can also be used to help “translate” what you’re seeing and give you a better interpretation.

Dimensions Reiki is passionate about helping our clients and students become part of our spiritual community, encouraging new ways to develop their gifts and perceptions and providing workshops for training and exploration. Our spiritual cleansing sessions are designed to purify your Chakras and your aura, and our compelling classes teach you ways to take your spirituality to the next level. All of our services are available remotely for your convenience. Schedule your next services online and use the code “01NADR42” at checkout for a discount! Spirit awaits; come find your Intention!

For more information, visit Jeff Carpenter is a Reiki Master Teacher, soul coach, psychic, spiritual cleanser, and spirit rescue medium who owns Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Please email or call 732.832.1036 to schedule an appointment with Jeff or with Tracy, another of our skilled Reiki Masters.


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