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Enjoy the "Nowness". There's No Time Like It by Maribeth Woodford

As we settle into the newness of our current situation now is a great time to find positive outlooks with all of this. There is no time like now to catch up on the book you have been wanting to finish, the closet that needs to be organized or the precious moments with our families that we have lost throughout the years due to non-stop hustle and bustle. Go, go, go. work, work, work.

This is the time. There is no time like now four our entire world to S L O W down. We need to stop, breathe and enjoy the “nowness”. We need to be 100% fully in the here and now with our families/children. Most importantly with ourselves and in our own mind so we can be fully there for people and the current situations.

This may sound odd to propose, but let’s enjoy this. We are all going to worry about our parents, children and family members and/or our financial security. But we have zero control and worrying doesn’t change that, but it may have negative impacts on our health. Start to enjoy the nowness. Sitting with ourselves, our children and those we love. Feeling every moment in time that we have. This is where meditation is huge. If you haven't started, start. There’s no time like now!

We are all beginning to hopefully simplify our lives. This is the time for us to sit with ourselves, dig deeper and do the inner work. When we begin to do the inner work we begin to heal, to evolve, to feel happy with ourselves with others and to step into your own power. Sounds scary? Yep. It is. Many people find it a challenge to just sit with themselves. Their thoughts. Their issues. When we begin to do this work, we are tapping into our hidden feelings, memories, thoughts, beliefs, wounds, and all of the emotional baggage so it is definitely scary stuff. But when you start you will be able to move past all of the fears, addictions, loneliness and unwholeness.

During these uncertain times it is easy for people to feel lost, depressed, unmotivated, empty, angry and have anxious feelings. If you are feeling any of these, maybe speak to someone, start exercising, do yoga get some sunlight and eat well. We are all scared of the uncertain circumstances, and for some to do this inner work maybe even scarier. There is no time like the present moment to start doing the work. You have plenty of time. Let’s stop playing the blame game. Blaming China, the President, the lady at the grocery store your boss that had to let you go. That is all ego. let it go. Before you walk out the door to go to the neighbor’s house for a “Corona” Party just remember that every action you perform and every word that comes out of your mouth affects your future.

Everything starts with our minds. Everything starts with you. Start now. Love. Mediate. Do yoga. Read, Write. Listen. Connect.

There is no time like now to start your yoga practice!! No excuses!! In the comfort of your own home guided by non-intimidating yoga instructors. The excuses are no longer valid.

Maribeth Woodford is the founder of SUKHA Yoga and invites you to join her 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. Yoga, Pilates, Barre. Daily doses of positivity, blogs, DIY, podcasts and community. Joining our private group is easy for non-members. Donations via Venmo $28 per month. Unlimited yoga, pilates, blogs, DIY, guided mediations and much more. Stay tuned for virtual workshops and much more!


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