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Green Investment Club

We are an educational and experiential group of socially-conscious investors meeting in Red Bank every 8-9 weeks. We discuss “intentional investing” with the goal of supporting businesses which have a positive social impact. This has recently become controversial. On one hand, “ESG Investing” has been embraced by Wall Street as a deeper level of risk analysis. On the other hand it has also been attacked by critics as “Woke Investing.”

We are a legal partnership with a pooled investment account and we vote on all decisions. We have a financial advisor who teaches and facilitates our research. Having existed for over 15 years, we are open to adding more committed members. Members usually contribute a modest amount ($50 - $150) per meeting and we research, discuss, and buy socially-conscious stocks, index funds and mutual funds together.

If interested, please contact Mercedes Barnek, 732.747.7810 or Interested people are invited to come to one meeting as an observer. After one meeting the club welcomes new members who think they will be able to attend regularly and complete modest homework assignments.


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