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Help Your Autoimmune Condition

Many lifestyle changes can be made in every day of our lives to help autoimmune conditions. Many believe autoimmune conditions “run in the family”. Science is now showing that genetic predisposition accounts for only 30% of all autoimmune conditions, while the remaining 70% are a result of environmental factors. While we don’t have control over genetic predisposition, we DO have control over environmental factors. Our bodies are capable of fighting autoimmune conditions, we just need the right tools in place.

At the root of every autoimmune condition are suppressed Regulatory T cells (Tregs). Tregs are key to maintaining normal immune response and avoiding overreaction. Since Tregs are produced in the small and large intestine we want to choose a fast that will help repair the gut and microbiome. I recommend the 5-1-1 Diet Variation which entails 5 days a week of intermittent fast (13-15 hrs.) and this energizes your Tregs, 1 day a week of 24 hour fasting, and 1 day of feasting. Your body will be able to start detoxifying some of the environmental toxins out of your cells. The 24-hour fasts will reboot intestinal stem cells and repair the inner lining of the gut.

If you are new to fasting, join my community on FB page “Fast & Reset” where we practice fasting one week a month. For more info call/text Larisa at 732.996.6963 or email:


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