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Ice Bath in Monmouth County

Pure Health Services is now offering an ice bath for the public to enjoy. The Morozko Forge is the first true ice bath on the market and is now available for you. First session only $20 (cheaper than buying ice for your home ice bath). We also offer breathwork and guiding through your first ice bath if you think you may need support. The benefits of cold exposure are getting more popularized. To name a few:

  • Helps with weight loss and diabetic profiles (insulin sensitivity) by converting yellow/white fat to brown fat which burns calories and sugar to generate heat.

  • Neurocognitive benefits for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and others

  • Boosts your Immune System

  • Helps stress and depression

  • Increases energy levels

  • And more!

For more information call us at 732.747.0083 or visit our website at


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