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Introducing Linda Kang Reiki+Shamanic Healer & Teacher

Linda is an intuitive healer, spiritual guide and channel whose aim is to light up the world one person and one experience at a time. She is now offering distance sessions via Zoom! Select from a variety of deep-healing services, including Reiki Plus, Shamanic Extraction, Soul Retrieval, etc.

Healing sessions work best for people who believe in energy work and need a reset, are highly sensitive - perhaps, empathic, and, for those who are on a spiritual quest.

Whatever session you choose, Linda is confident you will feel better afterwards. Some people feel rejuvenated and renewed, free – with a great sense of ease, have some clear direction and so excited about life!

To book a virtual healing experience, go to: For more info about Linda and what she offers, visit:

June Special Virtual Series – 4 sessions series on Ancestral Healing inclusive of two special speakers – teachers of shamanic healing, creation of a healing bundle personalized for you, and a fire ceremony. More info in the Distance link above. For more information, contact Linda at 647.273.4683, IG: lit_linda_loves_healing or email


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