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Introducing Online Interactive Music Classes

Music Together Two River is now offering online interactive music classes for families with

children ages birth to five.  Parents with little ones can experience a high quality music and

movement curriculum from the safety and comfort of their homes.

At this challenging time, we know that parents are looking for educational and fun activities for

their children.  Making music is something the whole family can enjoy doing together, and it

naturally supports children’s development.  Plus, music connects us like no other activity, and

right now, we need that connection more than ever!  

Music Together Online is designed to teach the way young children learn: through play.   We

sing, dance and make music in our live online classroom each week.  Classes are appropriate

for children under 5, but the entire family is welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in the

musical fun.

At Music Together Two River infants and toddlers are not given or taught “information about

music”, we instead give them a playful interactive musical experience with their most important

teachers - the adults that love them.  In doing this we are giving your children first-hand

knowledge of music that will nurture their development and enrich their lives. For more

information or to register for our fall semester call 732.859.1836 or visit


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