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IV Therapy Event

Be sure to sign up for this special IV Therapy Event, Saturday, November 12, 9am-12pm. When you mention this article, you get your first drip and receive 15% off your next one!

Balance Wellness is excited to introduce IV Therapy with Hydration Solutions, LLC!

Unlike oral vitamins, IV therapy bypasses the gut and delivers vitamins directly into your bloodstream, allowing for a higher absorption rate at nearly 100%. Depending on specific treatments, the health benefits of IV hydration therapy may include: reverse dehydration, combat fatigue and boost energy, treat vitamin deficiencies, decrease chronic pain, support immunity, enhance performance, improve cardiovascular health, and aid in muscle recovery. In addition to our IV drips, we also offer booster injections to enhance energy levels, treat inflammation, and boost your immunity, such as B-12 and Glutathione.

Contact Balance Wellness today to book your appointment at 732.903.2222. Instagram: @balancewellness, Facebook: Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Website:


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