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Join the Organic Food Tribe!

One of Monmouth County Organic Fruit and Veggie Co Op's recent deliveries included some amazing Jersey heirloom tomatoes, along with eggplant and portobello mushrooms. What a perfect excuse to make …

SUMMERTIME SLIDER STACKS, recipe from Co-Op Member Carolyn Polchinski

  • · Eggplant sliced in thick rounds, skin removed

  • · Portobello Mushroom caps, stems removed

  • · Grill, bake, or sauté

  • · Slice tomatoes similar in size to eggplant and mushroom caps

  • · Stack on hamburger bun in layers

Provide an accompanying flavor bar, to add your choice of:

  • · Balsamic vinegar

  • · Olive oil

  • · Tomato sauce

  • · Pesto

  • · Italian salad dressing

  • · Minced garlic

  • · Garlic powder

  • · Thinly sliced yellow and/or red onion (raw and/or sauté)

  • · Italian seasonings

  • · Sea salt

  • · Black pepper grinder

  • · Fresh basil

  • · Crushed red pepper

  • · Roasted peppers and more!

Want to join in on the healthy, organic deliciousness and recipe fun? Text 732.500.4949 for more info on how to join our tribe!

Ask to join our Facebook group 'organic fruit and veggie co-op Monmouth County NJ' We run all year!



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