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Life and Health Coaching

Coaching is a partnership, working together to remove barriers and reach goals.

My name is Debbie Shapiro. I am a certified LIfe and Health Coach. Coaching is my passion and my second career. I have worked in the nursing home industry for over 30 years. I have a social work background and worked as a nursing home administrator

for 22 years. I have managed hundreds of employees in a very difficult climate and coaching was one of those skills that became a necessary part of everyday life.

Most recently I worked as an administrator during the pandemic. Motivating a team and overcoming obstacles to achieve positive outcomes was challenging, and most of all, rewarding.

As your life or health coach, I will work with you to explore and decide what you want.

Together we will devise a plan to achieve your goals and lastly we will focus on reaching your goals.

Deb Shapiro, Life and Health Coach LLC, website:, phone: 732.730.4343.


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