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Love Your Body with Massage

Book a holistic and integrative massage with Melinda. Her intuitive style blends eastern wisdom with western deeply invigorating techniques. Reap many benefits caring for your body. Check website to see all services offered. Call 707.357.4632 or email: The Valentine Special this month - buy two and save $30!


I discovered massage when I was 19. It's been a tool in my toolbox for 42 years now.  When I need relief from stress, I go to massage & bodywork to maintain and thrive. It helps me to build on good health. When we are in pain in our heart and pain in our body, there are seasons we are in pain emotionally and physically and motivation doesn't come easy we can be really hard on ourselves.  Stress creates a sense that our to-do list is stacking up and life gets stagnant from overwhelm. Jump starting our bodies with massage or bodywork can give us a space that allows a much needed pause. This pause can assist our mind-body to recalibrate and get a fresh perspective on life. Remind yourself how really good it can feel to be in your body. Don't wait too late to feel GREAT!


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