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Meet Dr. Ernest Pecoraro

My name is Dr. Ernest Pecoraro. I am a Chiropractor in Sea Girt New Jersey. In 2005 I retired from practice. I had five clinics in New York City for 25 years before retiring.

About five years ago my daughter who was 30 years old developed a severe low back and sciatica condition that, it seemed, no one could help. She received chiropractic, acupuncture, traction and injections with no results. After a relative told us to try EPIC Technique we visited a doctor who practices that technique and within minutes 70% of her back and leg pain was gone. She now leads a normal life with no pain.

I then decided to go back into practice after I trained to perform the technique. The treatment uses a painless sound wave to position the top bone in the spine, called the Atlas, which rebalances the entire spine and relieves the pressure on the discs and nerves in the neck, back and pelvis. It has amazing results for headaches, TMJ problems, brain fog, neck pain and a host of other pains in the body. I opened my office in April 2022 at 2130 Hwy 35 Suite A-123 in Sea Girt.  Our website is We offer a free consultation for patients to learn about our treatment. Phone number is 732.359.7048.


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