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Om is Where the Heart Is!

Sunshine Kate Strakosch will be on hand February 11, 12:30-2pm, at The Yoga Loft, 58 Main Street, Farmingdale for Om is Where the Heart Is. 'Anahata' means Unstruck in Sanskrit. Unstruck beneath all the stories and experiences of life. The 'Anahata' Heart Energy Center is the center of transformation between our human and soul form.Join us for a nurturing whole-body journey to explore the many aspects of the Heart. We will sip heart nourishing tea as we explore herbs and foods that boost and support heart health.Then, we will dive into some accessible self-care practices that build resilience in the immune system, increase oxygen flow and circulation through the body, support reducing inflammation.We will go through a nurturing practice of breathwork, visualization and meditation to connect with our potent energies of the heart center. This practice supports alchemizing the held and tender emotions that the heart holds.Please bring something to sit on and your journal. Register at or call/text 732.239.2333, cost: $40.


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