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Open to Healing and Letting Go!

Join Kathleen Roskos at The Yoga Loft, in Freehold for this weekend event to join together in community and explore healing from the inside out.

Friday, January 14, 6 to 7:30pm—Upbeat and energetic opening class Saturday, January 15, 12 to 2pm—Heart opening class Saturday, January 15, 4 to 6pm—Hip opening class

Sunday, January 16, 12 to 2pm—Closing ceremony and change in perspective and calming.

In this transformative workshop, we will set intention for growth and healing. We will gain knowledge to continue on our own personal journeys embodying the bliss and joy in our lives by moving down and into the shiny light of the parts of ourselves we may have rejected, pushed away, or forgotten about.

This workshop will give you tools to bring into your life in relatable, easy ways to ground you and help you expand your horizons, and free you from limited perspectives that hold you back from going for your dreams. This workshop is for all levels of practice, everyone is welcome. In each class you will learn from Yogic Tradition healing body mind and spirit.

During this amazing weekend what you will bring home with you is:

Sankalpa (intention) Knowledge of Mantra (song) Mudra (hand gesture) Dhyana (meditation) Asana (poses) as a devotional practice for your healing and growth. $175 for all 4 sessions or $50 per session Please register early as space will be limited, email or call/text 732.239.2333. The Yoga Loft, 462 Adelphia Road, Freehold.


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