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Plan for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Don’t let the stress of the holidays negatively impact your health and happiness! Join Gemma on Wednesday, November 16, 7pm for a 45-minute Zoom presentation and learn how to stay healthy and happy.

The presentation will cover:

  • Food Tips - Enjoy food without overeating, make healthy food choices, discover foods which helps boost immune systems, foods which make you happy, and foods to eat more of if you want to lose weight

  • Exercise Tips – Learn how to fit exercise into your schedule, including a Tabata workout that you can do in four minutes

  • Sleep and Self-Care Tips - Help combat stress and keep your mind and body healthy with breathing exercises to control stress and meditations for wellness

  • Happiness Tips – Find the tools to increase happiness

Contact Gemma for details and to register or call 732.245.2556.


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