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Re-invisioning 2020 with Joy!

Join Willows and Warriors via Zoom December 17th 6:30 pm

If 2020 has proven anything, we’re in great need of something or someone to believe in. People are seeking guidance, vision, courage, the truth. Just as we need something more promising from the world, the world needs a promise from us – our greatness.

Imagine your life if you lived as your best self. Living spaces, workplaces, and relationships would be built with authenticity, meaning, strength, and love. This is what it means to live well. Everyone can do it. You just need to learn how.

Join us for our final event this year, Revisioning 2020: Joy. Living with Joy is when your life feels so prosperous that you heart feels like it’s overflowing.

In this workshop, you will:

· Reflect on the year and celebrate its miracles large and small

· Recognize your inner power by discovering how you’ve grown this year

· Create rituals that keep you in sync with your soul, your strengths, and your


· Discover healthy ways to nourish your body and your energy

· Plan ways to fill your heart by sharing your joy with the world

Register for this Zoom Event on line at – Class Schedule/Workshop $45


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