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Re-Visioning 2020: Realigning Your Year and Your Life, Thursday, September 17th 6:30-8pm EDT

Willows & Warriors invites you to their first-ever online event… Meet the leaders - three well-being crusaders with 60+ years of combined expertise in health, leadership and spiritual awakening. Alyson DeMaso (Mindful Leadership Advisor & Founder of Raising Beauty) Dee Duncan (Certified Yoga Instructor-Spiritual Coach –Reiki II Practitioner & Founder of The Yoga Loft), and Evangelia Mastroly (Holistic Health Coach & Founder of EM Essentials) have joined forces as Willows & Warriors with a mission to help you master the art of harmonious living.

In this online live event, you will be inspired to turn the remainder of 2020 into the most significant year of your life. This is your moment to rewrite your vision, act from a place of purpose, and support your overall health to make your intentions a reality.

Don’t miss this interactive and insightful journey. You will learn how to:

· Use the power of meditation to tune into yourself, ground your emotions, and attract a new reality

· Rewrite negative stories into ideas of possibility

· Live with purpose every day to create abundance and meaning in your life

· Support your health with super foods and supplements so that you can maintain resilience

· Practice these techniques everyday with easy-to-use tools from the experts

Thursday, September 17th 6:30-8pm EDT Cost: $45. Register for the zoom event at or call/text 732.239.2333 to reserve your spot.


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