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Reiki Usui Training

Roseann Petropoulos, Reiki Master/Teacher is offering private, individual Reiki training in a safe space. Previously, Reiki trainings were designed in a group setting over a couple of days. The group would have the opportunity to share the teachings of the Reiki principles and hands-on experience. During this time, Roseann has redesigned the program to allow an individual to gain the full experience with focused attention.

Each trainee will meet with her in a one-on-one learning experience. Instead of groups forming without considering who and where one is on their personal spiritual journey, each trainee will first have the opportunity to discuss the spiritual nature of their understanding of universal consciousness. A personalized class will be arranged to further develop growth and expansion based on the Reiki teachings.

Training will include: the history of the Usui Reiki method, functions of the various levels of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, the Chakra system, clearing energy blocks, distant Reiki, use of pendulums and an efficient on self-care as one is a channel of healing. Each will receive Reiki attunement upon completion.

Offering: Reiki 1, $185; Reiki 2, $200. For more information, call Roseann

732.894.3197 or


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