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Sacred Sister Circle

Gather with Andrea at The Yoga Loft, 58 Main Street, Farmingdale on November 11, 12:30pm for a woman’s circle honoring the feminine energy, a place where like-minded women share their strength, struggles and support without judgment. Where a woman can come in and let herself soften and slow down from all her responsibilities, a sacred space to be held, seen, and expressed in safe container of Love and Devotion. We invite you—no matter where you are on your spiritual path—to gather with us each month and become a part of our circle community. Andrea is a loving mother and a successful business woman, who has always had an inner knowing that there was a deeper purpose to her being. She has spent most of her life on a quest to learn, understand and grow, reading books, taking professional and personal development courses, coaching and traveling around the world until one day she woke up and realized the secret had laid inside her the whole time.

To register, email or call/text 732.239.2333, cost: $40.


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