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Salon Guru: Maria Fontana: Pioneering Organic Hair Salon Owner, Educator, and Thought Leader

Maria Fontana is a highly esteemed figure in the beauty industry, boasting three decades of experience as an organic hair salon owner, educator, and thought leader. Her unwavering commitment to health and sustainability has made her a trailblazer, advocating for organic hair care and color solutions.

As the proprietor of a private organic salon, Maria prioritizes her clients' well-being and environmental consciousness. By using only organic products free from harmful chemicals, she ensures her clients receive top-notch care while minimizing exposure to toxins.

Maria's influence extends beyond her salon, as she has served on the State Board of New Jersey, playing a vital role in shaping beauty standards and regulations in the state. Her dedication to education is equally impressive, as she is a Certified Integrative Healing Practitioner, seamlessly combining organic hair care with holistic healing practices.

Her forward-thinking approach and contributions to the beauty community have earned her the status of a thought leader. Through writing two, bestselling books and thought-provoking articles, Maria champions sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the beauty and wellness industry.

With her rich experience and holistic approach, Maria Fontana is a beacon of inspiration for hairstylists and conscious consumers alike, shaping the future of the beauty industry with her unwavering dedication to health and sustainability.


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