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Springtime Happening ... Coming Soon!

Participation is limited on a first come – first served basis.

The International Association of Counselors and Therapists® (IACT) sponsored certification course includes at least 110 hours of classroom and 110 hours of homework, videos, guest lecturers, readings, handouts, books, potential field trips and study materials. Even while you are learning, all the resources of IACT will be available to you. Once certified, you can immediately begin your exciting career in cognitive behavioral hypnosis.

BONUS #1: FREE student membership with the complete IACT resources available as you begin this journey

BONUS #2: FREE field trip to experience healing through sound, music in concert with hypnosis

As always, contact hours will be determined by consensus of the group.

In his article entitled, Hypnosis: The Most Effective Treatment You Have Yet to Prescribe, ( David Spiegel, M.D., Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University stated:

“When the technique of hypnosis is properly illuminated, its role will be welcomed and respected by our patients. They will benefit from less pain, anxiety, insomnia, habits such as smoking, and the side effects that accompany many pharmacological treatments. We will benefit from the satisfaction of reacting nimbly to the best evidence for safer treatments and perhaps, also enjoy a better night’s sleep. This is a call to action…..”1..

Help your family, friends and your community put caring back into healing!

David Spiegel, M.D., is Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University, where he is known for his research into breast cancer. He directs the Stanford Center on Stress and Health and is "one of the nation's most respected experts in the clinical uses of hypnosis".

All classes will be virtual.

FREE BONUS #3: FREE year’s membership to IACT (with the addition of the student membership there is the potential of 18 months free).

As an enrolled candidate you will receive:

  • 193-page Student Manual

  • Advanced training in Parts Therapy and Forgiveness Therapy (Relationships and Age Regression optional).

FREE BONUS #4: Free book-Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy by Roy Hunter

FREE BONUS #5: During 2021 in our last Certification Class (two guest lecturers – Debbie Papadakis and Peter Blum gave expert lecturers to fill in nuance and joy.

To Join now or for more information, contact Dr. Jean Eljay, Journey2Health, with virtual offices

everywhere, physical offices, Freehold, NJ 07728 and West Chester, PA 19380, 484.574.1144,,


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