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The Act of Giving and Energy Exchange

Giving is an energy exchange. When we give, we release positive energy, and this energy circulates not only within us but also in the universe. This energy has the power to uplift both the giver and the receiver, creating a harmonious balance. The more we give, the more we open ourselves to receive, creating a cycle of abundance and positivity.

Reiki focuses on channeling universal life energy to promote balance and healing. Practitioners of Reiki believe that when this energy is blocked or depleted, it can lead to physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances and illnesses. Using their hands and guided by their intention to heal, harmonize, and bring balance, the practitioner can channel healing energy to themselves or others.

Reiki is offered in a comfortable, safe, and private space in our studio. We welcome Madi, a musician, yoga instructor and certified Reiki practitioner now offering appointments. Schedule a session today on Wellness Living

The Holding Space is located at 304 Main St Avon-by-the-Sea. Contact Karen at for more information or visit Follow us on Instagram @holdingspace_collective. for sign up. In the spirit of Giving Select yoga classes are free for the month of November. Instructors may book the space for one 60 minute yoga class for free!


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