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The Holding Space: An Opportunity to Grow

The Holding Space is a collective environment that is creating opportunities for healing arts practitioners and individuals to strengthen their connectedness. Collective spaces contribute to social sustainability by building cohesive and resilient communities. Our mission is to promote harmony through community building, creativity, self-discovery, and wellness practices.

We are looking for teachers of mindful movement classes, sound healers, meditation guides, spiritual healers, musicians, and those who offer education for self-discovery and promotion of wellness to hold space. The studio offers a number of amenities and is available for group classes as well as a private room for one-on-one sessions or bodywork.

If you are looking for a space to grow your practice either as a facilitator or a student, we are here to support your journey. Inquire about available space to perform your craft Contact Karen or see the schedule to take advantage of our offerings. Visit Find your anchor.


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