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The Holding Space: Feel the Vibration

There are many ways to relax, restore and encourage healing. The ancient practice of Sound Healing has been a welcomed remedy for stress. It is true, music soothes the savage beast. The power of sound conjures up emotions, memories, and can change one’s mood in an instant. When a sound is created, the vibrations are carried to the ear and transmitted to the brain through the auditory cortex where the information is processed and filed. These vibrations and their frequencies slow the brain’s activity allowing more organized thought thus creating mental clarity, and the ability to enter a meditative state. The Holding Space in Avon-by-the-Sea has many opportunities to experience the benefits of Sound Healing. Our practitioners use crystal bowls, drums, chimes, bells, and even chanting to produce a positive vibrational experience.

The Holding Space is located at 304 Main Street, Avon-by-the-Sea. Contact Karen at for more information or visit for a schedule of events. Follow us in Instagram @holdingspace_collective. Find your anchor.


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