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The Holding Space: Self-Care and the Giver

The Holding Space is a collective environment that is creating opportunities for healing arts practitioners to perform their craft and to create a space for all to build a self-care practice. The self-care movement, although not new, has been increasingly helping society recognize the benefits of self-care. These practices can build resilience and should be used to prevent imbalances rather than manage them. We all need self-care however caregivers need it most.

A caregiver may show up in many roles in our lives as teachers, healers, and service providers of all kinds. The relationship may be personal or professional. Caregivers put the needs of others before their own creating a risk for burnout and illness. These individuals often feel undervalued, unsupported, and may have unrealistic expectations placed upon them. A society without these individuals would be impossible. Care is the basis for love and belonging.

We are providing a space to not only offer practices of self-care but also a space that supports the teachers and healers. A collective to build a more equitable society.

Contact Karen Anderson or see the schedule to take advantage of the opportunities available from our wonderful givers. Visit Follow us in Instagram @holdingspace_collective.


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