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Two Rivers Academy’s Center of Power: Life Mastery through Taiji

Taiji is a gentle, yet powerful Chinese way of movement that teaches one to live in harmony with nature. This ancient exercise is excellent for stress reduction and overall healing as it invigorates flow of qi (vital energy) and blood throughout the body.

In this virtual course, you will learn how to meditate through movement and harmonize the physical and energetic aspects of your being as you perform Seven Taiji Prep Workouts and the entire Taiji form. This curriculum includes 130+ videos, 24 experiential audios and 400 pages of extensive copy featuring a vast array of philosophical, theoretical and practice principles.

Learn how these slow flowing patterns of movement work to integrate your physical and energetic aspects of being. As you practice, experience the reconnection of your mind to your body, your conscious to your subconscious, and yourself to your environment. Through its circular movements, rhythmic breathing, and flowing postures, you’ll soon discover how Taiji allows your full potential to blossom.

This curriculum is presented by Shoshanna Katzman, L.Ac., M.S. She has been a practitioner of Guang Ping Yang Style Taiji for fifty years and teaches the form in its original style as passed down by the Taiji ancients. For more information call or text 732.758.1800 or visit


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