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What is Longevity Evolution?

Pure Health Services in Middletown, NJ is excited to announce our expanded services to help our community in new and exclusive ways. We are thrilled to offer science-based protocols that include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ice Baths, Infrared Sauna, Medical Guided Fasting, Breathwork (including breathing pattern dysfunction detection and correction), personalized exercise/Physical Therapy programs, Longevity-based nutrition programs and more. What will all of this accomplish? Longevity Evolution.

‘Longevity Evolution’ refers to utilizing adaptive physiology through exposure to various controlled stressors to rehabilitate, revitalize, and strengthen the various systems of the body that has broken down due to natural aging and disease processes. The various stressors affect different systems of the body in a multitude of ways with sometimes overlapping outcomes e.g. reduction of inflammation.

Our facility will be offering all of these methods to provide you with a reduction of age-related diseases, lifespan extension, reversal of biological age, and overall improved quality of life. Pure Health Services will be transitioning into Pure Longevity Evolution Center. Our mission is to help our community to Adapt. Heal. Thrive. Call us today at 732.747.0083.


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