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You Are Invited to Experience: "Living With Joy"

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

At The Yoga Loft, 462 Adelphia Rd. Freehold March 21st 10am via Zoom or 1pm at The Yoga Loft

If your days feel like one continuous sprint without a finish line, you are most likely missing out

on the greatest pleasures of life. Our Living with Joy workshop will help you live with more intention, more imagination, and ultimately more happiness so you never again ask “what have I been doing with my life?” If waking up to days that feel like a full-body “yes” sounds like what your life needs, then this workshop will be the perfect experience for you.

Hi! We are Dee Duncan of The Yoga Loft NJ and Alyson DeMaso of Raising Beauty LLC. Together

we invite you to experience our Living with Joy workshop where you will

- Uncover hidden dimensions of your life and turn them into your north star

- Imagine a life you can’t wait to wake up to everyday

- Create a vision board of your future self and set intentions to get busy living it today

- Experience a healing meditation to help release what holds you back from the joy that is

inherently yours

See what can happen when you open yourself to your imagination. And in 90

minutes we will be saying to you “Welcome to Joy.”

On Zoom, you will need a candle / markers / poster board / 3-5 magazines / glue stick / scissors

* all materials will be supplied at the in person workshop. Space is limited registered early to

reserve your spot, email or call/text 732.239.2333. $30 online $35 in


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