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Massage Balances Stress

We hear more and more about the need for balance in our lives, and not the kind that requires standing on one leg. But if you consider, that your health is a balance of the negative and the positive habits and attributes that together create your wellness – you will likely see from a holistic perspective that your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is over-stressed. With all the demands of modern society and the technological tethering of phones, tablets and computers, more now than ever, we need to strike that balance. Stress is any stimuli that initiates a reaction or response. Physiologically, our bodies get ready for action, so stress can be helpful and motivating, but it can also be exhausting and debilitating, especially over time. When we get into the action mode of “fight-or-flight”, our heart rate, blood sugar and blood pressure increase, while our digestive, reproductive and elimination systems shut down. How many chronic health issues are based on these patterns? How to find a balance? Start scheduling regular massages. Studies have shown that massage puts the body into the opposite (and healing state) called “rest-and-digest” or the parasympathetic state – in which we experience a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, while our bodies increase digestion, mental clarity and overall systemic repair. The important part is the frequency of receiving massage, even more so than the length of the session. With as little as 30 minutes, you can reap all these benefits and more, and the best part…no phones allowed! For more information on Massage or Stress Management Counseling, contact Nicole Lerario of A Kneaded Vacation Massage at (732) 328-8577 or visit

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