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Healing Within… From Traumatic and Difficult Life Experiences

Trauma and adverse experiences in childhood seriously affect the trajectory of development. Trauma’s impact doesn’t stop there. Researchers confirmed that children who have experienced traumatic events are at increased risk for a great number of medical, psychological, and relational problems not only in childhood, but throughout their entire lifespan.

Studies show that persons with multiple categories of childhood exposure to adverse experiences were likely to have multiple health risk factors later in life.

Some increased health risks include;

  • Alcoholism

  • Drug abuse

  • Depression

  • A suicide attempt

  • Smoking

  • Poor self-rated health

  • Promiscuous Behavior

  • Physical Inactivity

  • Severe obesity

The chronic diseases people may develop as adults, as well as social and emotional problems can include;

  • Heart disease

  • Lung cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Autoimmune diseases

Recovery and healing from life’s traumatic experiences is an individual process. Healing and recovery is important so that one can live in the present without being overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions of the past. Healing can take time, and process in stages.

There are many modalities for assisting in the healing process. It’s important to find a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or Counselor that you can work with on a continuous basis. They also will help maintain stability throughout your recovery process. Today’s medical professionals are increasingly integrating complementary and alternative medicine techniques (CAM) within their practices.

Complementary medicine is used in addition to conventional forms of medicine.

Alternative medicine is used instead of conventional medicine.

Complementary and Alternative medicines (CAM) that you can benefit from are:

HYPNOTHERAPY highly effective for treating PTSD because it goes right to the root of these symptoms. Hypnotherapy cannot erase traumatic events, but can directly address the event(s) and their effects. In Hypnotherapy, the client is given multiple tools, resources and opportunities to take back control. Using Ego strengthening, inner child work, forgiveness, anchors, reframing and self-hypnosis. Employing these techniques allows the client to connect and use their own strengths and virtues, which are incredibly healing.

The goal of hypnotherapy is the restoration of the self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts, to become balanced and whole. When this work is done in “Trance”, through the subconscious, it changes the way the memory is stored, and the way it functions in the body and mind. One is no longer held hostage by the past.

A skilled hypnotherapist can access the pivotal events surrounding their trauma. With hypnosis and EMDR the client doesn’t even have to talk about the event. Through the process, the healing work is still done within the subconscious mind. Reframing negative thoughts and distorted beliefs, and replace with new positive beliefs. Also, parts of a person and the soul are lost with traumatic experiences. Retrieving and reclaiming these lost parts of oneself (soul retrieval) is highly beneficial to trauma survivors.

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