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Happy Summers Start with Healthy Pools

The Salt Water Pool Myth

TRUE or FALSE? Salt water pools are chlorine-free. FALSE! Salt water pools are very much chlorinated. Pool owners are sold on the idea that a salt pool is a healthier, non-chlorine approach to pool care, whether intentionally or not; but in fact, the opposite is true. This is a common misperception via misinformation. Michael shared "When talking with clients, and I ask if they use chlorine, it amazes me how often I hear, 'No, I have a salt pool'".

You strive to live a natural lifestyle, eating organic, Non-GMO food and drinking pure water. Your laundry is washed with all-natural detergent. You practice eco-friendly lawn and yard care. So, hearing of these natural, healthier salt water pools peaked your interest. Unfortunately, salt water pools contain exactly the same chlorine as a traditional pool and they are not equivalent to swimming in the ocean.

Salt (Sodium Chloride) is added into the swimming pool for chlorine generation. A more accurate term for a salt water/salt system pool would be a pool with a Salt Chlorine Generator…which means instead of adding chlorine directly to the pool water with granular, tablet, or liquid chlorine, salt water chlorinating systems use electrolysis, which releases the chlorine from the salt in the water. When the chlorine mixes with the water, it creates liquid chlorine, which then mixes with the pool water, providing the sanitizing component to the system.

In addition, a huge negative side effect is that salt water is corrosive to all metal in and around the pool. For example: ladders, rails, heaters, motors, light fixtures and hardware, and structural stainless-steel pool walls. Salt water also causes premature wear to concrete, plaster, and other masonry poolside. It also creates Sodium Hydroxide, which is a caustic material that requires constant monitoring and lowering of the pool’s pH level with muriatic acid. Salt water pools are also bad for the environment as they are neither eco-friendly or chemical free. There are countries that are banning these systems due to salinity. Salinity is the build-up of salt in the soil and water. This has a major negative impact on plants, animals, and crops. Salinity increases the cost of treating water for drinking, renders farmlands useless, reduces biodiversity of plants and animals, and is costing the economy millions per year.

People desire to swim in nature, in a lake or the ocean, free of chlorine. There is so much momentum around salt water pools being natural that pool owners are making misinformed decisions, not congruent with their natural lifestyle. Salt water pools are the buzz around the neighborhood, but your neighbors are not always right. We need to take responsibility for our own health and do the research ourselves. Michael told us "Personally, I am allergic to chlorine and refuse to swim in it. It is an affordable, toxic chemical that kills all bacteria and pathogens in the pool but at the same time Michael asks, is it slowly killing us? And reports that the research says, Yes!”

Fortunately, for health-minded individuals, who understand the truth about salt systems, and don’t want to swim in chlorine, there are alternatives. Having a 100% chlorine-free pool is a reality. Copper ionization, Titanium oxidation, ozonation, UV sanitation, mineral dispensing, and using non-chlorine granular shock have been around for decades keeping swimming pools pristine without any chlorine. Two factors are needed to keep a pool pristine without chlorine. They are the Copper factor and the Oxidation factor. Copper is a natural algaestat and Oxidation means introducing Oxygen into the water as the sanitizer. This is an all-natural safe swimming alternative that has no negative side effects to the environment or your health.


Michael G. Walsh is the President of Blue Dolphin Natural Water Systems and invites our readers to call, ask any questions, and share your concerns. Michael welcomes the opportunity to teach people how to swim without chlorine and practice all-natural pool care. Blue Dolphin Natural Water Systems/Blue Dolphin Pool Service 732.536.8577, 888.540.2709, Cranbury, NJ, visit

Here’s to an amazing 2018 Summer season and here’s to your health and wellness!


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