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Art of Affirmations

Positive affirmations or phrases that you repeat to yourself are to help one to believe and describe how one wants to be. At the beginning of choosing affirmations it is possible and most likely that some are not true at all. Affirmations repeated daily will overtime sink into your subconscious mind, eventually altering the negative beliefs you once may have had about yourself and replace them with the positive beliefs you have been repeatedly affirming to yourself.

Affirmations can instill positive beliefs, confidence, positivity, creativity, general well-being, success, empowerment and much more.

If there are any negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself that needs to be changed and replaced with positive thoughts, then try using a list of affirmations that apply to what you want to change and repeat them to yourself once a day for thirty days. You will be surprised how your thoughts have been reprogrammed to think more positively and the effects it will have on your overall life and well-being.

Here are a few affirmations for General Well-Being & Success:

  • I choose to change my thinking, my responses and my actions

  • I learn from every experience

  • Whatever I choose to believe becomes true for me

  • I welcome change and I am willing to change

  • I choose peaceful loving thoughts

  • I release any fears, worries or anxieties

  • I am creating an atmosphere of ease and confidence

  • I’m able to forgive myself

  • I’m released to forgive and to receive forgiveness

  • I am never stuck

  • I’m doing the best I can, and each day gets easier

  • I accept myself just as I am

  • I choose to experience success

Using affirmations is a positive way to control the thoughts you put into your subconscious mind.

When the feeling of doubt arises, the foundation you have built by using affirmations will support you and allow you to move from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. The more you use affirmations the easier it becomes to remain thinking positive.

Taking control of your thoughts, and believing it to be true, will give you positive results. It

will make you feel renewed, empowered, and healthier in mind, body and soul.

Gina Cannone, MHt., RMT, Author, Life Coach

This article appears in the June 2018 issue of Natural Awakenings Jersey Shore.


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