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Dimensions of Cleansing

These days, our daily lives require us to interact with new people and places all the time: working in the office, going out to dinner, walking around town, and even going on vacation. As we go through our day, we are exposed to so many different levels and types of energy that we can often experience emotional and physical effects of this energetic “interference,” altering our natural energy balance. Spiritual presences can also affect our behavior and wellness, introducing unexplained changes and experiences. Dimensions is proud to announce our new service: spiritual cleansing and healing at!

At Dimensions, we work with people affected by and sensitive to the energy around them, performing energy cleansings for both people and locations (businesses, homes, etc.). Dimensions recommends energy cleansings when people experience significant life changes, such as continuing illnesses, divorce, depression, a major job change, a move into a new home, or even when things just don’t “feel right” for them and their families.

When people move into new residences, a house cleansing can make it really feel like “home” by clearing out the energy of the previous owners. The sale of a current home can also benefit from a house cleansing by balancing the location’s energy and vibes before the prospective buyers arrive.

Along with our cleansing services, we can help you personalize your energetic development:

  • Reiki training and certification classes

  • Spiritual development workshops

  • Private healing sessions and psychic readings

Spirit awaits; are you ready? Find your Intention and love your well-being.

Jeff Carpenter is a certified Reiki Master, psychic and spirit medium, and he is the founder of Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Registration is required for events and classes; please email or call 732.832.1036 to register. Register online at

This article appears in July's issue of Natural Awakenings Jersey Shore


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