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Is Acupuncture Treatment Right for You?

Are you worried about the needles? You are in good company. However, acupuncture needles are not hypodermic needles. Acupuncture needles have an average diameter of 0.00325 inches. That's like a strand of hair. People typically feel a slight sting or ache when the needle is first inserted. This quickly shifts to warmth and tingling as the blocked energy is freed up to circulate. This is the simple elegance of acupuncture.

Not all acupuncture styles are alike. For example, a Five Element Acupuncturist is looking beyond your symptoms. The health of the body, mind and heart are key aspects to wellbeing. The goal is to understand and treat the underlying cause of disease.

The Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are a part of all living things. Around the time of birth one of the elements falls out of balance with the others. This element becomes the foundation of our constitution: The Causative Factor. The Causative Factor is the root problem or element that is out of balance. The assessment of the Causative Factor is based upon objective observation of color, sound, odor and emotion. The skill required to accurately see, hear, feel and perceive is considerable and takes years of practice and guidance to develop. Cookie cutter approaches are most useful in baking. No two patients are alike. In Five Element Acupuncture, each patient’s treatment is individually tailored.

Many people arrive with the jitters. It takes courage to try something new as well as to expose your struggles and challenges to a health practitioner. An initial consultation offers you a chance to ask questions, share concerns and learn about your practitioner’s approach and sensibility. Your sense of comfort and of being cared for is essential aspects to the healing process.

The first treatment begins with an interview during which you are asked to share many aspects of your history and your current challenges. A noninvasive physical examination, which includes Chinese pulses, palpation of points on the body for tenderness, and assessment of your movement and posture is performed.

Acupuncture is a 5,000-year-old tradition that requires keen observational, diagnostic and treatment skills. That is why you will fare well in the hands of an experienced and seasoned professional.

You do have to set aside time to receive treatment. The first visit will last for 90 - 120 minutes and subsequent visits are 50 - 60 minutes each. While you are receiving acupuncture you will be resting comfortably on a massage table. Treatment first begins with the removal of energetic blocks. This is followed with special support for your unique constitution. In Five Element Acupuncture, each patient’s treatment is individually tailored.

How often should you receive treatment? It’s generally a good idea to start with weekly sessions. Over time the schedule can be tapered to biweekly, and eventually monthly treatments.

People ask, how long will it take until I see results? Chronic problems can take several weeks to several months to shift. While this is a significant commitment of both time and money, acupuncture recruits the body’s own ability to heal itself. Whenever it’s possible, it’s desirable to tap into the bodies innate wisdom. In contrast, medications are chemicals that often mask symptoms and miss the underlying causes of disease. Additionally, medications can have both short term and long term side effects. Surgical interventions are not always successful, create scar tissue and can result in adverse changes to health.

Acupuncture is an incredibly profound and gentle way to treat illness. Freed up energy stimulates healing and this is the simple elegance of acupuncture.

David Frome, Physical Therapist, Advanced Rolfer and Five Element Acupuncturist is a recognized leader in the field of holistic therapies in the tri-state region. He is now practicing in Montclair and Asbury Park, NJ. Call us now 973.509.8464 or schedule online at for your next appointment.


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