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You Are as Young as Your Spine Is Flexible

Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness offers a gentle yoga class for healthy aging suitable for all ages. This class incorporates breath work and some mind body techniques. Improving flexibility, circulation, strength, and balance while calming the effects of stress on your physical and emotional health. Gentle movement can help keep your muscles from getting tight, allowing you to maintain proper posture. Good posture can minimize discomfort and keep aches and pains at a minimum. It also helps with injury prevention, improving joint motion and spine health. Maintaining the full range-of-motion through your joints keeps you in better balance. Coordination and balance will help keep you mobile and less prone to injury from falls, especially as you get older. Flexibility tends to diminish as you get older, but you can regain and maintain it. Students will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered by their practice. Our Instructor Mary Christensen, who instructs this class, won the Best of Monmouth Yoga Instructor. We are extremely proud of her.

This class is every: Monday 12-1pm & Thursday 11-11:45am (36 Beach Road, Suite 10, Monmouth Beach) For more information please contact Lisa Matthews at 973.452.2828.

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