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May Issue Hot Off the Press

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Hello Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there, with human babies and fur babies alike! I would also like to say hello to all of our new friends in Southern Ocean County – HELLO! We have been working hard to expand our coverage and offer more solutions to our entire territory.

Last month we introduced Café La De Da in Middletown, and I promised to share more of what’s brewing with Grace Sepe and her new partners in wellness as their vision comes to life.

As we mentioned last month, Grace has partnered with Dr. Tom Jones, pioneer in the field of Chiropractic and Sports medicine, Shaman Anthony “Silver Wolf” Schifano student of the world renowned Shaman Dr. Alberto Villoldo, along with Anthony’s partner Carol, Reiki Master Teacher. Together they are creating a healing place for the mind, body and soul.

Anthony and Carol have a successful wellness business in Staten Island, NY called Zen Energy, and now with their new location, they are bringing their wealth of knowledge and solutions here to our community. Carol recently shared with me what a huge success they are having supporting people suffering from addiction through group meditations. One young woman expressed her deep gratitude to Carol explaining that she didn’t know where to turn with her problem, and the safe and supportive environment supplied by Zen Energy has shined the first light of hope on her path to recovery.

When the body’s energy it is out of balance that’s when “dis-ease” creeps in. Zen Energy has the tools and training to not only balance our chakras, but also clear lingering trauma through past life regression and illuminate the field that surrounds our body through the use of sage, bells, pendulums and prayers. They will also offer Infrared Sauna, Preso Therapy for water retention, Reflexology, and the Beemer. I had never heard of the Beemer and it was explained to me as an electromagnetic pad used on a zero balance gravity chair. 20 minutes with the Beemer brings moisture to the cells, pushes out toxins and circulates the blood. Sounds good to me.

Much of this work will be new to many in the community, and I am looking forward to the various workshops that will be offered. Mindful meditation, women’s circles, crystal bowls, singing bowls, tapping, chanting, angel card readings, tarot card readings, and many more.

Each member of this superhero team is passionate about doing their very best for the people who seek their help, and Dr. Tom Jones is no exception. While Zen Energy is helping to heal our minds and spirits, Dr. Tom Jones is there to help heal our bodies. Dr. Jones specializes in sports medicine and is the first place many local athletes turn for shoulder and knee injuries. Dr. Jones believes in showing his patients the proper activity that they can practice at home for the most effective recovery from an injury. Dr. Jones told me that not everybody needs the same thing, so he likes to spend time with his patients to figure out what is going on, and then work with them to get them back to their regular lives as quickly as possible.

Thanks to Café La De Da, Zen Energy and Dr. Jones for sitting down with me and sharing your stories! And thank you as always to our readers and advertisers, we can’t do this without you. And thanks to the team whose hard work brings it all together every month. Have a wonderful May!

Warm wishes,


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