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Be Well and Stay Healthy!

The future of personalized medicine is here! Dr. Vivian Kominos is now offering genomics-based counseling and care using the advanced analytics of IntellxxDNA™. Genes cannot be changed, but their expression can often be regulated with appropriate and personalized lifestyle choices and nutrients.

Dr. Kominos uses Integrative Medicine to treat and prevent many of the chronic diseases affecting our society: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, stress, hypertension, autoimmune issues, dementia, metabolic syndrome and more. She is happy to now also offer genomics!

Vivian A. Kominos, MD, FACC is board certified in integrative medicine and cardiology. She is

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Dr. Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, a founding member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine and a fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Her practice is located at 107 Monmouth Road, Suite 104, West Long Branch, NJ. Call 732.395.3059 for more information


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