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What is Live Blood Microscopy?

Live Blood Microscopy is a nutritional analysis of the blood. Through the use of a Darkfield Microscope and video technology it is now possible to see live blood samples, display them on a monitor, record them and visually document the condition of the Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), Platelets, Crystal Formations (Cholesterol & Triglycerides), Blood Proteins (Fibrinogen) and Other Blood Elements (Bacterial Forms, Plaque and more).

Healthy red blood cells are round and evenly shaped, freely floating in plasma. It would have no signs of clotting, bacteria, foreign matter, fungal or stress. This is a kind of blood a healthy person should have flowing in the circulatory system.

The shape, size and form of a RBC can tell a story about digestion function and weather nutrients are properly absorbed without causing inflammation in the bowels and leaky gut syndrome. RBC’s can also tell about circulatory function and proper oxygen transport through the capillaries and tissues so as not to cause chronic fatigue syndrome and other degenerative tissue diseases. The WBC’s are very important for the immune system. They sweep up and engulf organisms that enter the blood stream in order to keep our bodies functioning at an optimal level. There are a few different WBC’s which are responsible for keeping various systems in the body in check. Platelets are a part of the blood clotting mechanism. When there is vascular damage (cut), platelets go to the affected area and bind together with fibrin to stop the bleeding. Platelets can tell about circulation of the blood, blood clots and the heart with visible aggregation that is from undigested fat that binds them together and is thought of as plaque when it hardens.

Let’s concentrate on the most important epidemic today – Enzyme Deficiency. People go the store and they buy food. The food is not processed but can be fresh produce, animal proteins and etc. They bake, microwave or boil their foods which depletes the enzyme reserve that the food had in the beginning. When that food is consumed, digestive organs in the body produce enzymes to help with digestion. When that process fails due to lack of enzyme production, the undigested food (leaky gut syndrome) enters our blood stream and causes havoc to other systems in the body. Normally we get our enzymes from our food and in a perfect world the enzymes from our food plus the enzymes our body makes is a perfect sum of a digested meal. But as we age the ability to make enzymes decreases by 1% a year past the age of 25. Even though the enzyme formation should be high, it’s still not enough to completely digest a full meal.

Most clients exhibit blood cells that are hooked together in chains which is referred to as Rouleau. Many exhibit Rouleau formations to the maximum extent which is referred to as Aggregation. They look like tight chains or rolls of quarters and the chains are extremely long. There are no single red blood cells that are freely floating in plasma. The cells are sticking to each other and make these formations due to undigested protein that entered the blood stream after you had a nice meal. They are asymmetric with negative charge on one side and positive charge on the other and they cancel out this Zeta Potential of these cells to repel each other which is a normal process but instead the cells come together and stick to each other. These sticky proteins are called Lectin proteins which could be from products containing gluten, dairy, soy, a lot of beans, grains and corn. If these undigested proteins enter the blood, other systems in our body get stressed such as the adrenal glands which then must put out extra cortisol which eventually may cause an imbalance in the adrenal function or adrenal fatigue. When the adrenals are exhausted, the immune system kicks in and helps out with digestion. When that happens, the other functions in the body get shut down and that is when you end up feeling fatigued and have brain fog. And this happens again and again and again with every meal.

This can be remedied with proper supplementation of digestive enzymes and/or proteolytic enzymes under the care of a health care provider. When you supplement with enzymes, the cells will not stick together because enzymes help digest the food. With proper digestion and avoidance of leaky gut syndrome which can lead to other stresses in the body, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, fibromyalgia and other degenerative diseases can be avoided.

Larisa Belote, INHC, AADP, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Published Author of a book “Surviving Pancreatic Cancer”, and a strong believer that your body is a smart machine and can heal itself given a chance and the right set of tools. Contact Larisa to set up an appointment for Live Blood Microscopy. Learn which enzymes are proper for your health condition. Health consultation and Blood Type Diet are included. For more information call 732.490.5770 or email:;

This article appears in the May 2019 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine Monmouth Ocean edition. Click here to subscribe, thanks :)


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