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Take a moment as you sit quietly with your eyes closed and visualize, picture or just imagine you are a tree. What does your tree look like? How would the earth support your roots allowing you to stand strong and tall in all your glory? Which direction is the wind blowing when you notice the breeze dancing thru your branches? As the sun shines down upon your tree, who will appreciate the beautiful array of colors your tree gives to the world? So how do you express yourself as trees do? According to varies ancient traditions the Tree of Life has been a symbol or metaphor that represents an individual's true nature.

Everyone, just like a tree, is unique and special. Trees change with the seasons and isn't that what we do too? We grow, evolve or remain dominate, pause, when making a change or decision. Before language or the written word, ancient civilizations would communicate thru hieroglyphics. Tree drawings provide insights into personality without the restriction of language, culture or gender barriers. There is no right or wrong way to draw a tree. Just like hand writing analysis, a tree drawing is a neuron-musculature delivery of the subconscious to the paper or canvas. No artistic ability is required, so there are no good or bad trees. With that understanding, there is no judgment placed upon the person who draws a tree. In nature, as in art, some trees are straight, some may slant towards the sun as they take their place on the earth to acquire what it needs.

The purpose of a tree drawing is to tell your story of the past and re-bloom with a new season to enhance your full potential, just as the trees do. Tree stories provide a deeper understanding to your true self. It can bring you back to your roots, revealing your hidden talents and strengths. Awareness of your story will open lines of communication with others and provide the confidence to move forward and branch out in the world. An added benefit of your tree story is the appreciation and compassion you will have for yourself.

As you view the buds appear and the leaves take their place on the many trees this year, see how the tree complement each other. When you are rooted in your safe place, you are more likely to be open and willing to offer compassion to others. In the words of Ram Dass “Let's learn to practice turning people into trees, which means appreciating yourself and others just the way we are”.

Roseann Petropoulos is a Certified Hypnocounselor, Wellness coach & Reiki Master. Roseann combines her knowledge & intuitive insights to access collective consciousness & spiritual guidance, allowing clarity & compassion to your concerns. Roseann believes that true peace comes from within. For more information, call 732.894.3197

This article appears in the May 2019 issue of Natural Awakenings Magazine Monmouth Ocean edition. Click here to subscribe, thanks :)


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