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Your Body: Made to Move.

If you experience pain, stiffness and degeneration, it’s likely that the daily distortions in the way you sit, stand and move are the root cause. Patterns of muscle tension develop that push your bones out of healthy alignment. The effects of gravity compound these distortions over time until a condition like sciatica, disk herniations or joint pain appears.

Join Katie Grace, The Yoga Loft’s mind-body-spirit guide, for a six-week series on Tuesdays and Thursdays that will help you repattern the way you move, sit and breathe.

Movement from the Inside Out Begins September 10th at 6pm

Brand New to Yoga Begins-September 12th at 6pm

Taken together or separately, you can learn to:

  • Release chronic muscle tension.

  • Restore flexibility, core strength, graceful gait.

  • Improve balance, breathing and sleep.

Brand New to Yoga teaches you the foundation of a safe yoga practice: breathing, alignment and meditation. Movement from the Inside Out retrains your central nervous system to release the tense muscles that inhibit smooth, pain-free movement. Using simple, slow, focused movements and restorative breathing you’ll learn to release chronic muscle tension, restore natural alignment and fluid gait.

Get ready to kick up your heels in a healthy, pain-free body with the ancient practice of yoga and the modern practice of somatic movement. $75 each series. 462 Adelphia Rd. Freehold.


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