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Looking for Spiritual Direction?

Life experiences can cause spiritual stagnation. We might feel stuck in a pattern, discouraged by an outcome or threatened by change. In these seasons, we can feel lost or disconnected. Spiritual Direction is an ancient, sacred practice that assists to establish/restore/enhance contact with Spirit. Learning to hear and discern one’s own internal spiritual calls is a key aspect. Sessions offered in-person, phone or video also provide a space to share and explore the positive spiritual happenings too.

Engaging in open discussions with a trained director can help you to navigate through this spiritual terrain. Other tools like meditation, dream work, journaling, and intentional prayer may be used to support, encourage and gently guide you towards a more dynamic, fulfilling relationship with your identifying source known to some as: Divine/Gaia/God/Trinity/Universe or Higher Power.

M.A. De Santo, a member of Spiritual Director’s International, holds a Certificate of Spiritual Guidance from Atlantic University. The Day My Door Opened: Book I describes her own near-death experience and the initiation of spiritual regeneration. Searching within and outside of self, she rebuilt a connection with God, the Universe and humanity; existing shifted to living authentic, genuine and joyful. Got Questions? Email: or call 732.861.0739


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