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“Tai Chi Easy”

Learning the practice of Tai chi is an easy way to get our bodies moving every day.

Join Melinda at Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness, she will be offering a two-hour workshop called "Tai Chi Easy" Her teacher Dr. Roger Jahnke has developed this practice so that anyone can experience the benefits of peace and well-being it affords. Tai Chi Easy doesn't require more than your body, breath and 10 minutes of time, but don't let the easy part fool you. Although simple to learn the profound healing that occurs can change your life. We will start with the basic principles and then learn the moving meditation, flowing together like a string of pearls. Once learned you will have joined the revolution to empower yourself with affordable self-care. We discover what Dr. Jahnke calls "The Healer Within!"

Saturday’s January 18th, February 22nd & March 7th 1-3pm Cost: $45, reserve your spot! The Studio is located at 36 Beach Road Suite 10, Monmouth Beach (Complex with MB Post Office) 973.452.2828.


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