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A Day of Healing

A Day of Healing, consisting of breath work, sacred movement, and sound healing aimed at helping individuals connect with their inner selves and find a sense of peace and calm is presented by Unity By the Shore on Saturday, March 25, 1-5pm.

The workshops will begin with a breath work session (Brian Smith), where participants will learn about the power of conscious breathing and practice breathing techniques to help calm their minds and reduce stress and anxiety.

The second session of the day will involve a sacred movement practice (Vicky Mapes), where participants will engage in a series of gentle movements and stretches designed to awaken the body and promote physical and emotional healing.

In the final session, participants can experience a sound healing session (Dani Heise), surrounded by the soothing sounds of singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments. This will calm minds and reduce negative thoughts, allowing for a deeper sense of relaxation.

Participants can choose between attending one, two, or all three group sessions in the beautiful fully renovated facility at Unity by the Shore in Neptune, NJ. Details and ticket purchase options can be found at


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